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Follow us to Malawi! Wellness Essentials and Travel Recommendations

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

We’re headed on a mission to Malawi! In about fifteen days, we will arrive in the beautiful country known as the Warm Heart of Africa. Malawi is known for its stunning landscapes, friendly people, and vibrant culture. Medical mission trips are both challenging and rewarding experiences. They offer the opportunity to provide much-needed healthcare services to communities in need. It will be essential to do thorough research on the healthcare needs of the community you'll be serving and consult with local professionals to determine which medical supplies will be most useful. As we begin our packing process, it's important to know what to take on your trip. Here are some essential items to bring with you:

  1. Comfortable Clothing: It's important to keep in mind the climate and culture of the region. The weather is generally warm and sunny, so lightweight and breathable clothing is a must. Make sure to pack comfy shoes for walking and bring a hat and sunglasses for protection from the sun. Compression socks are also a good travel hack for the long plane ride. Please remember to dress modestly and respectfully when visiting local villages and communities.

  2. Insect Repellent & Sunscreen: Malawi is home to a variety of insects, including mosquitoes, which can carry diseases like malaria. To protect yourself, make sure to bring insect repellent with at least 30% DEET, long-sleeved shirts and pants, and mosquito nets if you’re camping. The sun can be quite intense in Malawi, so make sure to pack plenty of sunscreen with a high SPF rating to protect your skin from sunburn and damage.

  3. Emergency Contact Information: · Scan and email yourself (and family members) your passport photo page and your credit cards. Be sure to call your credit card and phone companies in advance to let them know when and where you will be traveling. If your bag or purse is lost or stolen, you can always get to an internet café and print out your important documents. Establish a password or code between you and family members in the event things don’t go as expected.

  4. Medications and First-Aid Supplies: It's important to bring any necessary medications with you, including anti-malaria medication if recommended by your doctor. Bring a first-aid kit that includes items like bandages, antiseptic cream, and pain relievers.

  5. Water Filter or Purification Tablets: Tap water in Malawi is not so safe for drinking, so it's important to bring a water filter or purification tablets to ensure you have access to clean drinking water. In cases of extreme emergency you can boil water for 15-20 minutes, let cool and consume in small amounts.

  6. Cash and Credit Cards: Malawian kwacha is the official currency of the nation. Malawi is a cash-based society, so it's important to bring enough cash with you to cover your expenses. Credit cards are accepted at some hotels and restaurants, but not everywhere, so it's a good idea to have a mix of both. There will be a place to exchange currency at the US airport.

  7. Travel Documents: Don't forget to bring your passport, travel insurance documents, and any necessary visas or vaccinations certificates. Keep these items in a seperate folder or compartment for easy accessibility.

  8. Camera: Malawi is a beautiful country with stunning landscapes and wildlife, so make sure to bring a camera to capture all the videos and memorable moments. Take a mental moment to process the energy of the nation. International travel can be a life-changing experience, remember to get some rest - refresh and reenergize daily.

  9. Insurance: If your health insurance does not cover you overseas, make sure to purchase short-term travel health insurance like AMEX ( or VISA (,also%20offer%20COVID%2D19%20insurance.) to assure you can cover costs of treatment and emergency evacuation.

  10. Local Contacts: Assistance for U.S. Citizens - Notify the Malawi Embassy ( about your travel plans and ask for any travel recommendations or local customs.

For additional updates and information, you can learn more about current news and events in Malawi at: Take a moment to visit their official website at ( ) or contact them by phone at +(265) 1-773-166, 1-773-342 and 1-773-367 (Dial "0" before the "1" within Malawi). Happy Travels! #healthtechnology #malawiangold #USAID #malawianvlog #malawisfinest #MedicalMissions #medicalmissiontrip #medicalmission2023 #humanitarian #Internationalgiving #globalgenerosity #WHO #malawiembassy

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