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Preparing for Success as a Nurse Practitioner

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

About a year ago, I switched specialties in my career as a nurse practitioner (NP). This change, as exciting as it was, reminded me of the stresses I experienced in my first NP position straight out of school. When I graduated and was looking for my first NP position, I was stressed about getting a job, and didn’t take the time to educate myself on regulations and organizational structures specifically affecting NP roles. For nurses who are graduating or considering becoming an NP; here are a few insights on making this transition a successful and rewarding process.

· Look for clinics and hospital specialties that have NPs well established into the service. This will help with the training process and the expectations of your skills when initialing entering the workforce. Having an NP mentor can help alleviate some of the stressors associated with starting this new career.

· If you find a position that is with a service they have not worked with NP’s, be prepared to ask several questions about training and expectations. Remember, it takes on average 1-2 years for a new NP to become proficient in their role.

· If the job that you are interested has residents working on the service, be sure to also ask how the NP will integrate with the residents’ roles. If you are interested in hands-on procedures, you should ask how possible this is while there are residents on service.

· Understand the laws and regulations for the state that you will be practicing in. A great resource is Not all states are the same, and your ability to practice independently will depend on the state. Understanding these laws will lead to improved patient outcomes and increased job satisfaction. Do not expect the facility or physicians to know these regulations.

Ensuring that you find a job that supports you in your first years as a new nurse practitioner is paramount to your success and wellbeing. Healthcare is a challenging environment and preparing yourself for this new career will help you achieve happiness and sustainability in your new career. #NursePractitioner #NurseCommunity #NurseStrong #NurseHeroes #NurseLifeMatters #NurseAdvocate #NurseEducation #NursingSchool #NurseLeadership #NurseEmpowerment

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