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Meet Our Team

TWF Interns 2024

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Violet Kapanila

BDS, Kamzu University of Health Sciences

Violet is a third year dental student, with a passion for Population Health. Her enthusiasm extends beyond clinical practice; Violet is deeply interested in community dentistry and providing affordable health services to those in need. Her ultimate goal is to improve access to oral health in her country and she strives to open her own dental clinic someday.

Patrick Moses

BDS, Kamzu University of Health Sciences

Patrick is a KAMZU dental resident, with a strong sense of purpose and dedication to education. He has a vision of creating positive change and remains committed to health equity, particularly in rural and economically disadvantaged areas. His future goals include operating a wellness center to contribute to the improvement of oral health for all Malawians.

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Caleb Bell

Thurgood Marshall High School

Caleb is a graduating senior, about to embark on an exciting journey as a US Naval Officer. His passion for technology extends beyond his academic pursuits. He has a natural aptitude for computers and is well-equipped to thrive in the field of cyber security. In his free time, Caleb enjoys soccer and exploring his creative side through photography.

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